About Me

Hi! I’m Drake, your friendly online driving coach, and I love driving!

I also love teaching and learning, and so like all good teachers, I am always learning new things, even after many years of extensive training. I am sharing everything that I have learned and even new things that I am still learning.

Not everyone takes to driving so easily, and so it is my goal to help you reduce stress and improve your behind-the-wheel skills by sharing real-world stories and practical tips.

Whether you are looking for some help for yourself as an experienced driver, or for your kids who are getting their license (before they have a chance to develop bad habits), I hope that you will gain some valuable insight and enjoy my blog!

I also am available for private coaching, group classes or a speaking event. (I live in the Denver metro area)

Let’s get behind the wheel and see what the road has to offer….


What makes me such hot stuff?

I have a couple decades of professional driving experience, including limousines, city buses, over-the-road buses and retirement community buses and vans.

My business, DWS Coach, which provides party bus service to clients in Colorado, has been in operation since 2011.

I have a degree in education, so I also have training and experience in pedagogy as well as driving.